Retail gasoline prices in Russia rose by 0.5% from July 11 to July 17 – Rosstat

MOSCOW, July 19 (Reuters) – Average motor gasoline prices at gas stations in Russia increased by 0.5% from July 11 to July 17 compared to the previous week, while the price of diesel rose by 0.1%, the Federal Statistics Office (Rosstat) reported.

According to Rosstat, in the analyzed period, an increase in gasoline prices was recorded in 82 regions of the Russian Federation, primarily in the Republic of Dagestan – by 1.6%, Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug – by 1.5%, and in the Astrakhan Region – by 1.2%.

In Moscow and St. Petersburg, petrol prices increased by 0.6% and 0.4%, respectively, over the past period.

The average price of gasoline in Russia as of July 17 was 52.76 rubles per liter (July 10 – 52.49 rubles), of which A-92 gasoline cost 48.88 rubles per liter (48.64 rubles), AI-95 – 53.36 rubles (53.09 rubles), A-98 – 63.80 rubles (63.38 rubles), diesel – 5 8.45 rubles la les (58.42 rubles).

The statistical service calculated that by July 17, 2023, the cost of gasoline in the Russian Federation increased by 3.6% compared to the level at the end of December 2022. Overall, domestic gasoline prices increased by 0.9% last year.


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