Rallies in support of Navalny and political prisoners will be held in 30 countries

The global action “Freedom to Navalny and all political prisoners” will be held on January 21-22, 2023 in more than 60 cities in 30 countries of the world located on four continents, according to the official press release of the event (available from the TMT editors).

The protesters will oppose political repressions on the anniversary of the arrest of Aleksey Navalny, and also demand an end to the criminal war in Ukraine and recognize the defeat of the Putin regime. The participants will also demand the release of Navalny and all political prisoners.

The Russians are expected to call on democratic governments and international organizations to helpaboutmore pressure on the leadership of Russia on issues related to respect for human rights, and to accept the entire sanctions “List of six thousand”, which was compiled by the team of the Anti-Corruption Fund created by Navalny.

The organizers of the actions will be anti-war and democratic communities of Russians around the world. Video broadcast of events from different parts of the globe will be conducted by the SOTA channel vision. For a list of participating cities, please follow this link.: https://www.freerussians.net

On January 17, 2021, Alexei Navalny returned to Russia after being poisoned by FSB agents and was arrested at passport control at Sheremetyevo Airport. The court then sentenced him to nine years in prison on charges of fraud he allegedly engaged in collecting donations for the 2018 presidential campaign.

Navalny is still in the colony, where he is regularly sent to a punishment cell (SHIZO), conditions are created for him to fall ill, and he is not provided with the necessary medical care. Earlier, Russian doctors, lawyers and deputies called for Navalny to be granted access to medical care, while cultural figures, journalists, bloggers and economists demanded the immediate release of the politician.

Together with Navalny, there are hundreds of political prisoners in Russian prisons. More than five hundred people are serving sentences due to disagreement with the actions and ideology of the political regime of Vladimir Putin.

The Russian authorities stepped up repression after the outbreak of the war in Ukraine. According to OVD-Info and Nestka, from February 24 to December last year, more than 300 criminal cases were opened in Russia for anti-war positions and actions. In total, 19,443 people were detained for demonstrating an anti-war position, and law enforcement agencies initiated administrative cases against more than five thousand people. Hundreds of thousands of Russians found themselves outside the country and turned into political emigrants.


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