“Rain” received a license to broadcast in the Netherlands

The Netherlands has issued a broadcasting license to Dozhd TV channel, according to the website of the country’s state body for media oversight. The channel’s editor-in-chief Tikhon Dzyadko confirmed the receipt of permission in an interview with journalist Alexander Plushev.

Dzyadko declined to comment further.

The message on the website of the Dutch regulator was published on December 22, 2022, but the media paid attention to the message only now. Artem Konokhov, correspondent of the Latvian Radio in Brussels, was the first to report this.

TVR Studios BV received a license to broadcast under the Dozhd brand, according to the regulator’s website.

First, “Rain” received a license to broadcast in the European Union in Latvia. However, in early December, the Latvian National Electronic Media Council annulled the TV channel’s license. The head of the council, Ivars Abolins, said that Rain “poses a threat to Latvia’s national security.”

According to the council, the channel committed several violations, including not designing a subtitle track in Latvian, using a map in its materials in which Crimea is part of Russia, and also calling the Russian army “ours” and, possibly, supporting it, wrote Baltijas Balss.

The authorities made such a decision after the release of the scandalous broadcast with the participation of the presenter Alexei Korostelev. Live, he said the phrase: “We hope that many military personnel, including us [телеканал «Дождь“] We were able to help, for example, with equipment and simply with basic amenities at the front.”

Later, the head of the channel’s information service, Ekaterina Kotrikadze, said that Korostelev’s phrase was a mistake. She also said that the channel stopped working with the presenter.


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