Putin’s retinue moved to Chinese cars

Chinese cars, which took over the Russian market last year, ended up in the convoy of President Vladimir Putin. Among the vehicles accompanying the head of state at the May 9 parade, the Chinese Tank 500 SUV was spotted, writes Mash.

According to the Telegram channel, FSO employees are gradually changing official cars. Instead of “unfriendly” Toyotas and Mercedes, they will be put on a Chinese tank.

According to Masha, immediately after the Tank 500 was spotted in the presidential convoy, its price increased by 20%. The basic version now costs from 6.5 million rubles, and the maximum price reaches 7 million rubles. However, there is no stock of these cars in Russia, according to the channel, they are transported directly from China. As a result, a queue has formed to buy the Tank 500: the waiting time for delivery is at least two months.

Chinese cars dominated the Russian car market, which fell into crisis last year (sales fell by 59% y/y). In April this year cars from China accounted for a total of 44% of sales, and Russian brands for 35%, of which Lada accounted for 33%.

Chinese cars have become almost the only alternative to domestic cars after stocks of Western brands have almost sold out.

The Chinese company Great Wall Motors, which produces the tank, opened a representative office in Russia in 2014. In March 2023, it announced the start of sales of the 300 tank in the Russian Federation, and from April 12, it began accepting orders for the larger 500 tank.


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