Putin proposed to announce a “five-year plan” for work in Russia

Russian President Vladimir Putin invited entrepreneurs to return to the practice of “five-year plans” and asked business associations to submit proposals on this matter, the Kremlin’s press service reports. At the same time, he emphasized that he was waiting for “substantive work”, not for “appeals and statements”.

“I propose today to discuss another initiative – to announce a five-year period of creative, entrepreneurial work in Russia and fill it not with some official or quasi-official protocol events, but with concrete, substantive work,” Putin said. at a meeting with members of “Business Russia”.

According to him, the inclusion of business should improve the business and investment climate. “Feedback from the business community is very important here. Of course, we need to build on real problems, identify them and solve them consistently,” Putin said.

In addition, as key areas of action within the “five years”, the president mentioned the increase in efficiency and modernization of economic sectors, as well as the development of human resources, vocational training and new formats of public-private partnership.

Putin is waiting for concrete proposals from Delovay Rossiya, the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs, Opora Rossii and other similar organizations.

Putin appealed to entrepreneurs in the face of the collapse of the economy caused by sanctions and the war with Ukraine. Earlier, he said that “private business has proven that it can adapt to a rapidly changing environment.” The president also agreed to mitigate criminal liability for entrepreneurs.

The five-year method of planning the development of the national economy was actively used in the USSR. It was previously reported that started in Russia to develop “Digital Agenda”. Experts from leading Russian universities (MGTU named after Bauman, Russian University of Economics named after Plekhanov, Moscow State University, MFUA) are working on it. It is assumed that it will first be introduced in key sectors of the economy, and then they will draw up a basic plan back to the Soviet “five-year plans”.


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