Putin proclaimed the inhumanity of the pension reform in France, despite the eight-fold gap in pensions

President Vladimir Putin, on the air of the Rossiya24 channel, began to express his dislike of the pension reform in France. According to Putin, the pension reform in Russia was much more humane.

However, the numbers indicate otherwise. The average life expectancy of a man in France is almost 80, while in Russia only 65. In France, they want to raise the retirement age by two years, to 64, in Russia by five years, exactly to the age of 65.

About 52% of men do not reach retirement age, confirmed Oleg Apolikhin, chief specialist of the Ministry of Health.

They also differ in the amount of pensions. The average pension in France is nearly 1,400 euros, and in Russia about 167 euros. “This approach is perceived by citizens as too harsh and unfair, because different working conditions still require a different approach to retirement,” Putin concluded his monologue on the reform in France.


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