Putin forbids Russians from changing sex

In Russia, transgenderism has been banned, such a law was signed by Russian President Vladimir Putin. The document is published on the official portal of legal information. The restriction applies to “sex change” in documents, medical intervention and hormone therapy.

The act provides for an exception only for operations related to the treatment of congenital defects, as well as genetic and endocrinological diseases in children. Special authorization for such interventions will be granted by state medical boards.

Transgender people will also be barred from adopting children. At the same time, the authorities will not accept adopted children from people who have already undergone a transgender transformation, said the State Duma deputy chairman Pyotr Tolstoy.

In addition, the act provides for the possibility of annulment of marriage in the event of transition to transgenderism. The measure will apply to all people who have changed their gender tag, even if their relationship is “different gender”.

The State Duma adopted the law on July 14, the Federation Council approved it on July 19. The creators of the initiative explained its necessity by the fact that the number of cases of formal “sex change” is increasing in Russia. They claimed that such a certificate can be obtained in many private clinics “for 30 thousand. MPs called the practice “destructive” and argued that it targets teenagers and young people.

In the years 2016-2022, 2,990 people applied for the exchange of passports on this basis, according to the statistics of the Ministry of the Interior contained in the justification.


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