Putin demanded that children be protected from the Internet

Russian President Vladimir Putin on Wednesday, May 17, approved the “Strategy for comprehensive child safety for the period until 2030”.

A document published on the legal information portal shows that in Russia “infant mortality is falling”, the level of criminalization of minors is decreasing, and the percentage of children enrolled in additional educational programs “is increasing every year.” .

Nevertheless, the state’s actions to eliminate risks to children, in particular their “spiritual” and “moral development”, says the strategy, “still need improvement.”

At the same time, according to the document, “threats” to the safety of children in the information space, in particular on the Internet, are of particular importance, from where the “destructive influence” is exerted on the younger generation.

“It creates a negative moral and psychological atmosphere, contributes to the development of mental illnesses, disrupts established moral norms, provokes unlawful behavior, causes moral and health damage,” reads the strategy.

The “information manipulations”, as stated in the document, come from states that are “unfriendly” to Russia: they try to “appreciate a confused society, create a sense of insecurity and instability in society, and distort traditional spiritual and moral values, including family ones, “. And this “negatively affects the quality of the environment in which the child’s personality develops” – we read in the strategy.

In this regard, it is required to create “information products that contribute to the values, moral and spiritual development” of children, as well as state support for content on the Internet, which would be aimed at “preserving traditional Russian spiritual and moral values ​​u200bu200bthe document emphasizes.

Children, according to the strategy, must be protected from “external destructive information and psychological influences” and “external ideological and value expansion”.

Among the goals of the strategy is “reducing the amount of information harmful to the health and/or development of children”, as well as increasing the level of “information security” of minors.

According to the document, the Government of the Russian Federation is responsible for the implementation of the strategy. In 6 months, he will have to develop an action plan, exercise control and report annually to the CEO.


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