Putin calls the West ‘idiots’ – The Moscow Times Russian Service

After losing 200,000 dead and wounded in the war (according to Western figures), losing $300 billion in gold and foreign exchange reserves, and losing every second ruble of government revenue for oil and gas, President Vladimir Putin declared that Russia’s opponents are mad.

“Our opponents, neo-colonial thinkers, are really idiots,” Putin said on Friday, speaking at a meeting of the Council on Interethnic Relations.

“In a contest of fools [они] would take second place. Why? Yes, because they are idiots,” Putin said.

According to the president, “aggressive external pressure” is being exerted on Russia and its society.

“Virtually the entire arsenal is directed against us – economic, military, political, informational, the most powerful anti-Russian propaganda was used. Attacks on our history, culture and spiritual values ​​continue,” Putin complained.

He said the goal of the West was to “drive a wedge”. brotherhood of the peoples of Russia, and then “divide the country” into dozens of small state formations for the purpose of “exploitation in their own selfish interests.”

“The authors of such concepts are used to being guided by Western ideological patterns with their racist, neo-colonial approaches,” Putin said, adding that these plans are not destined to be implemented.

“They hope in vain for the effect they are trying to achieve,” the president concluded (quotes from TASS).


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