Putin accused Poland of intending to invade Ukraine

Russian President Vladimir Putin announced Poland’s plans to occupy the western part of Ukraine. According to him, the Polish authorities are counting on “returning, as they believe, their historical territories.”

This is how the president reacted to the speech of the head of the Foreign Intelligence Service, Sergei Naryshkin, during the meeting of the Security Council, who informed about the plans of the “Polish leadership” to “control the western territories of Ukraine, the western regions, by deploying its troops there.”

Putin offered to address the issue in more detail and commented on plans to create a “Polish-Lithuanian-Ukrainian connection”. According to him, Poland intends to use this alliance to occupy western Ukraine.

“After all, the perspective is obvious – if Polish units enter, for example, Lviv or other areas of Ukraine, they will stay there. And they will remain forever,” Putin said.

Then the president reached for historical analogies, giving as an example how in the 20th century Poland received “historical Russian provinces”, the Vilnius region, and part of Czechoslovakia.

In addition, Putin called the western lands of Poland “a gift from Stalin.” “Our friends in Warsaw forgot about it, we will remind you,” he said.

According to the head of state, the “regime” in Kiev today is “ready for anything” to “extend its existence”, including “trafficking” people and land. “The traitors are still ready to ‘open the gates’ for foreign owners and resell Ukraine,” he said.

“As for the Polish leaders, they probably expect to form some kind of coalition under the “NATO umbrella” and directly intervene in the conflict in Ukraine, and then “chop” a bigger piece, regaining what they believe is their historic territories – today’s Western Ukraine. It is known that they also dream of Belarusian lands,” Putin said. He instructed Naryshkin follow Poland’s plans.

The president also said that Poland “dreams of Belarusian lands”. He promised to respond to the aggression against Belarus with all available means.


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