Political scientist Kagarlitsky was accused of justifying terrorism

The Federal Security Service (FSB) has initiated a criminal case against the Russian sociologist and political scientist Boris Kagarlitsky on the basis of an article on the justification of terrorism. This is reported by TASS with reference to lawyer Yulia Kuznetsova.

The case against Kagaritsky came to light during the search for psychologist Alexander Arkagov, who broadcast on the YouTube channel of Kagarlitsky’s Rabkor project. Earlier, the Avtozak LIVE channel wrote about the search, citing a friend of Archagov. Arkagov was taken for questioning as part of the case.

“What investigations were carried out against Boris Yulievich, I do not know. There were rumors that a search was already underway at night, but I can’t confirm this one hundred percent. Last night I visited him in Moscow, everything was quiet and peaceful. I know about what happened the same as journalists know – that they came to the psychologist Alexander Arkagov with a revision. I have not heard of any actions against other Rabkor employees,” Dmitry Pintak, a psychiatrist and Rabkor employee, told Mediazona.

Borys Kagarlicki is a political scientist, lecturer at the Moscow School of Social and Economic Sciences (Shaninka) and the author of publications on the problems of the leftist movement in Russia and around the world. In the USSR, he took part in the dissident movement. In 1980, he was summoned for interrogation by the KGB, after which he was expelled from GITIS and candidates for members of the CPSU “for anti-social activities.” Two years later, he was arrested in the “young socialist case” and spent just over a year in Lefortovo prison on charges of anti-Soviet propaganda. As a result of “cooperation with the investigation” in April 1983, he was released by pardon.

Kagarlitsky headed the non-profit Institute of Globalization and Social Movements. In 2018, she was recognized as a “foreign agent” based on joint projects by a sociologist with the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation, which is also on the list of “foreign agents” and is funded by Germany. Currently, the “Institute of Globalization and Social Movements” is being liquidated.

In May 2022, the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation recognized Boris Kagarlitsky himself as a “foreign agent”. He regularly broadcasts about politics on the Rabkor channel and opposes the war in Ukraine.


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