Police officers were forbidden to publish information about themselves

OMON and SOBR officers may be prohibited from publishing personal data on the Internet and in the media. Such an amendment appeared during the third reading of the bill, which will enable the conclusion of contracts for police service in the National Guard. RBC drew attention to this.

Personal data includes materials that can be used to determine the whereabouts of a security officer, his affiliation with National Guard units and information about official activities. This includes photos and videos.

The ban on disseminating personal data of employees of the Russian Guard is included in the law “On the status of a soldier” and concerns, among others, National Guard. “But the other part of the National Guard – those who have special police ranks (e.g.

“Our amendment eliminates these dual approaches and introduces uniform requirements for all National Guard personnel,” he added. The deputy noted that the restrictions would not affect the press services and “everything related to official work” of the National Guard.

This week, President Vladimir Putin ordered the transfer of the Grom special unit from the Interior Ministry to the National Guard. The department received not only special forces personnel, but also equipment, weapons, ammunition and other material goods.

Vedomosti sources reported that after Wagner’s PMC mutiny, the authorities decided to hand over the Grzmot to the Russian Guard.

In addition, the director of the Russian Guard, Viktor Zolotov, said that he asked Putin for tanks and long-range weapons and received permission. Accordingly, on July 17, a bill was submitted to the State Duma that would allow the National Guard to possess heavy military equipment. It was immediately adopted in three readings at the July 19 hearings.


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