Poland announced the arrest of 15 “Russian agents” who were preparing train explosions

Participants in the “Russian spy network” discovered in Poland planned to blow up trains with weapons and humanitarian aid for Ukraine, Gazeta Polska writes, citing sources in the special services.

In total, from March to July 2023, security forces detained 15 people suspected of spying for Russia. The network included citizens of the Russian Federation, Belarusians and Ukrainians. The action was carried out by employees of the Internal Security Agency together with the Lublin prosecutor’s office. According to the authorities, it has become one of the largest in the country’s history.

According to the investigation, the network was led by a GRU officer in Moscow. He assigned “agents” tasks for which they received a reward in cryptocurrency, and then exchanged it for cash.

Initially, the tasks were of a propaganda nature: the “spies” were ordered to write on the walls slogans criticizing the Polish government or fueling anti-Ukrainian and anti-NATO sentiments. For each such action, they received several dozen dollars.

Then the tasks became more difficult. The GRU wanted to know the dates and routes of trains with weapons and humanitarian aid that were going to Ukraine. To this end, the intelligence allocated money to the “agents” to buy cameras and GPS navigators. Some of the equipment was installed in the Podkarpackie Voivodeship and at the Rzeszów-Jasionka airport in the same region. Members of the network were paid the equivalent of several hundred dollars for the photos.

In the GRU, even greater rewards were promised for attacks on these very trains with weapons and humanitarian aid – and planned not only sabotage aimed at violating the control systems, but direct explosions, the newspaper writes. According to the investigation, members of the network were instructed on how to carry out such attacks. Moscow hoped it would create an atmosphere of chaos and threat and help fuel anti-Ukrainian sentiment, the sources say.

The materials of the case cover 66 volumes. They say the spy network was established earlier this year. The first arrests took place in March. The investigators included 9 people, including three Belarusian students studying in Poland.

Currently, 15 members of the network are in custody. Among them is the 20-year-old Russian hockey player Maxim Sergeev, who has been playing for Zaglembe since October 2021. He moved to this club from Dynamo (Balashikha). Investigators believe that the hockey player handed over the photos to the GRU critical infrastructure facilities in several provinces.

In early July, security forces detained the last member of the Russian spy ring so far. He is a Ukrainian citizen who has been living in Poland since 2019. He and the other suspects have pleaded not guilty. However, in their testimonies, they confirmed that they performed various activities and were rewarded for them. They face up to 10 years in prison.


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