PMC “Wagner” hires truckers to transport the bodies of the dead

The private army of Yevgeny Prigozhin PMC “Wagner” “almost every day” places orders on the freight exchanges to transport the bodies of their dead, writes “Caution news”.

The publication gives an example of one such order: “Weight – 6 tons, volume 82 cubic meters. Cargo 200″. They offer to pick him up in the Leninsky district of Rostov-on-Don, and then deliver him to Balashikha near Moscow.

For delivery, they offer 60 thousand rubles “in cash and without bargaining.” Among the requirements for a car is a refrigerator, the cargo is packed in a “full metal shell”.

Orders are placed by the Rostov-based company Disavtotrans, which deals only with cargo transportation. However, she acts as an intermediary and receives orders from a third party.

The company itself told the publication that it receives orders from Wagner PMC. Zinc shipments appear almost every day, they say. They must be received at the warehouse and, after delivery, unloaded also at the warehouse. Delivery is paid before unloading only in cash, the company noted. Together with the cargo, the trucker is given the accompanying documents from the morgue, so there should be no problems on the roads.

Orders are taken very quickly, the newspaper notes.

In recent days, Wagner PMC has been fighting fierce battles in Soledar, a small town near Bakhmut. According to Ukrainian politicians, the Russian leadership does not take into account the losses in these battles.

“For the Russians there [в Соледаре] it is important to capture at least something so that we can say for 2 weeks that they conditionally “captured the northern outskirts of the city of Soledar”, that they are “frantically fighting in the center of Soledar”, that this will “solve the issues of war and peace” and “ Ukraine will fall,” said Mykhailo Podolyak, adviser to the head of the President’s Office.

Exact losses, according to him, cannot be named. “They don’t count losses there,” Podolyak said.


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