PMC “Wagner” could lose 80% of mercenaries recruited in prisons

No more than 10,000 Wagner PMC mercenaries out of 50,000 convicts recruited in Russian prisons remained at the front, the head of the charitable foundation told My Russian Rights “Rus sitting” Olga Romanova.

“According to our data, at the end of December, 42-43 thousand were recruited [заключенных]. Now they are, most likely, already over 50 thousand. Of these, ten thousand are fighting at the front, because all the rest are either killed or “three hundredths”or went missing, or deserted, or surrendered, ”said Romanova.

Former prisoners began to desert from the mercenary organization in the fall. Many of them fled back to Russia, taking their weapons with them. She cited as an example the case when a former prisoner from the Wagner PMC, who fled from the front, opened fire on policemen in the Rostov region. This happened in December last year, when one of the law enforcement officers was wounded.

Romanova also believes that Prigozhin does not keep statistics on mercenaries who escaped or surrendered, but considers them as dead.

“Very many who surrendered captivity or escaped are listed with him [владельца ЧВК „Вагнер“ Евгения Пригожина] killed,” Romanova explained.

The day before, Dozhd reported, citing the wife of one of the prisoners, that empty coffins were returned to the relatives of those recruited by the Wagner PMC and were forbidden to open them. The woman who told the publication about this buried her husband, and then found out that he was alive.

“They (representatives of PMC Wagner — approx. The Moscow Times) told us that there was no need to open the coffin, because before sending [на войну], they take some DNA, and when the corpses are found, they compare. They told us: we give you a 100% guarantee that it is him, ”the woman explained.

According to the US, the PMC “Wagner” consists of 50,000 people, said earlier White House National Security Council spokesman John Kirby. Of these, 40,000 are prisoners recruited from Russian prisons and only 10,000 are professional soldiers, he noted.

During the fighting in the Soledar-Bakhmu sector, the mercenaries lost 4,000 mercenaries dead and 10,000 wounded, the Financial Times newspaper wrote, citing estimates by the American authorities.


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