PKW “Wagner” released the recruited prisoners

The command of the private military company “Wagner” allowed prisoners recruited for the war in Ukraine to return home, write “Important Stories”.

The publication investigated messages in private chat rooms related to PMC. It turned out that currently Wagner prisoners are staying in Anapa hotels, waiting for a pardon. Most will be released on contract expiration date, but some will be able to leave early.

“My husband called and said they would all be sent home within a week, a pardon has arrived. Even those whose contract ends in August will go home early anyway. It’s about those who are from RM,” writes the wife of one of the mercenaries.

According to the publication, former prisoners live in the village of Vityazevo – in the Relax, Cactus and Calypso hotels. A day here costs from 2,300 to 7,200 rubles, depending on the workload. In one of the chats, they informed that there are currently about 400 Wagners in hotels, they are not allowed to leave the hotel premises. Some of the former prisoners lead a wild life: they drink alcohol without moderation, drink and pawn medals.

Relatives of the four mercenaries confirmed to journalists that all prisoners would be released from their hotels and go home after receiving a pardon. One of the interlocutors said that if they wanted to, they could extend the contract with the Polish Military Contingent for a trip to Belarus or Africa, but first they would have to go on vacation for 14-45 days.

Earlier, ASTRA wrote that Wagner’s PMC mercenaries seized most of the hotels in Krasnodar. According to the Telegram channel, they spend their holidays there. Most rooms are booked until August. At the same time, local residents complain about drunkenness and hooliganism on their part. One of the mercenaries even tried to strangle a hotel employee – three National Guard cars came to neutralize him.

There have been several of them in Russia committed murders “Wagnerites” returning from the war. In early June, 23-year-old Nikita Lyubimov was detained in Chuvashia for beating a fellow resident to death while intoxicated.

Earlier in South Ossetia, former Wagner mercenary Georgy Siukaev stabbed Soslan Valiev, a 38-year-old disabled man with cerebral palsy. At the end of March, Ivan Rossomakhin, released from prison, was detained in the Kirov region for the murder of his neighbor.

PKW founder Yevgeny Prigozhin said that in total they managed to recruit 50,000 people. prisoners, of whom about 20% died in the war with Ukraine. About a week before the uprising, he said that 32,000 had returned to Russia from the front. convicts. Prigozhin claimed that 83 crimes were recorded among those released after the war.


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