Pilots of Russian airlines will be banned from swearing

The Federal Air Transport Agency decided to control the cultural level of pilots and flight attendants, as well as their behavior on board. The agency ordered the airline to check the crew members and report on the work, Kommersant writes, citing a letter from the Federal Air Transport Agency.

Passengers are increasingly complaining to the regulator about the profanity of crew members, including during preparation for the flight, according to a letter from Deputy Head of the Federal Air Transport Agency Dmitry Yadrov. This letter was sent by the department to the heads of airlines.

The Federal Air Transport Agency demanded “to conduct additional classes” and double-check the knowledge of the crews of standard phraseology in the information service of passengers. The agency ordered the airlines to report before January 16.

In the letter, the Federal Air Transport Agency cites as an example a link to a video in which the pilots allegedly forget to turn off the microphone and, “not embarrassed in expressions,” try to turn off the speakerphone.

At the same time, the audio track superimposed on the video has been used in other similar videos for several months, so the video is most likely fake, Kommersant notes.

Andrey Litvinov, the commander of the Aeroflot A-320 board, believes that any such video is a fake. According to him, forgetting to turn off the microphone is technically impossible. When the pilot turns on the broadcast to the cabin, he will hold the mute button, which is automatically squeezed out as soon as you release it at the end of the message, he explained.

“Assuming that pilots are unfamiliar with the cockpit and recording devices can only be people who are not familiar with either the aircraft or aviation in general,” Litvinov emphasized.

“Obviously, the inspectors had no other problems and had extra free time,” says pilot instructor Alexei Kochemasov.

On some Boeing planes, the communication buttons with the dispatcher and with the passengers are located next to each other and it is easy to confuse them, a source in one of the major airlines told the publication. However, he noted that “pilots do not communicate with controllers obscenities, except in rare cases.”

The All-Russian Association of Passengers assured that there were no complaints about the foul language of the pilots.


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