Patrushev’s aide fired from Security Council after scandalous statements about Hasidim

President Vladimir Putin, by his decree, dismissed Alexei Pavlov, assistant secretary of the Security Council. The document was published on the official Internet portal of legal information.

The reason for Pavlov’s dismissal was not named in the decree. In October 2022, Pavlov was accused of anti-Semitism for an article about sects and Lubavitcher Hasidim.

An article titled “What is brewed in the witch’s cauldron. Neo-pagan cults gained strength in Ukraine” was published October 26 in the newspaper Arguments and Facts. It said that since the 1990s, “the number of adherents of religious sects has multiplied” in Ukraine. According to him, Ukraine has turned into a “totalitarian hypersect”, and its authorities allegedly force citizens to abandon “centuries-old traditions” by banning spiritual values ​​that are embedded in Orthodoxy, Islam and Judaism. Pavlov noted that the exact number of sects in Ukraine is unknown, but the number is in the hundreds, and the next stage of the war against Ukraine should be “desatanization”.

Speaking of sects, Pavlov included among them the Chabad Lubavitch movement is an ultra-Orthodox sect. The official claimed that his main principle was “superiority over all nations and peoples.” Pavlov named businessmen Viktor Pinchuk and Igor Kolomoisky as adherents of the movement.

Chief Rabbi of Russia Berl Lazar called Pavlov’s words “anti-Semitic nonsense.” EThe Jewish community of Russia perceived the material “with extreme bewilderment”, since Chabad is a legitimate school of Judaism. Lazar added that he himself belongs to this trend, as do “90% of the rabbis working in the Jewish communities of Russia.”

Security Council Secretary Nikolai Patrushev later published explanations in Arguments and Facts, where he called the words of his assistant erroneous. “I apologize to the readers of the publication,” Patrushev said. Pavlov was dealt with “appropriate work,” he added.


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