Patriarch Kirill urged priests to give up “annoying luxury” during the war

The clergy should give up the “annoying luxury” in a situation where the Russian people are sacrificing themselves and limiting themselves “for the sake of their neighbors”, said the Patriarch of Moscow and All Rus Kirill at a conference of bishops.

According to the head of the Russian Orthodox Church, a clergyman has the right to “equip his life” appropriately, but his lifestyle should not “contrast defiantly with the lifestyle of the flock.” “There should be no pretentious and irritating luxury. Especially at this time when the whole country is trying and limiting, sacrificing for the good of others. The arrogant behavior of a clergyman is also unacceptable,” said the primate.

The patriarch also appealed to the bishops to “be modest when visiting parishes” so that such a visit would not be perceived by the clergy and parishioners as a “natural disaster” and would not become “a source of expenses creating an impossible to solve “hole” in the budget. “The archbishop’s arrival should be a joyful, reassuring, inspiring event in the life of the community, solving its difficulties, including material ones,” stressed Cyril.

At the same time, he reminded that “allocating funds for diocesan and church-wide needs is a statutory obligation of each community.” The head of the Russian Orthodox Church also praised the priests who organized a collection for military needs in their churches. “Parishes have been collecting material aid and funds for the purchase of necessary items for soldiers: things, protective equipment, medicines. I support these things,” the patriarch said.

The Primate again raised the topic of the war in Ukraine, noting that this “armed conflict is a reflection of a more global clash of civilizations: increasingly moving away from the foundations of life commanded by God and striving to preserve them.”

According to the patriarch, “ideologists of apostasy (Apostasy – TMT) managed to draw the state leadership of Ukraine into this confrontation. He believes that only those Ukrainians, “deceived” by the Kiev authorities, oppose the actions of Russia, which invaded the neighboring country from three fronts. “In this way, internal disputes between relatives and co-religionists of Russia and Ukraine were provoked,” sums up the head of the Russian Orthodox Church.

In 2020, “Project” found itself with Patriarch Kirill and his relatives real estate in Moscow and St. Petersburg for 225 million rubles. Journalists learned that the primate is the owner A 145-meter apartment in the “Dom na Pobrzeże” on Serafimowicza Street and a 38-meter apartment on Nikoloyamskaya Street in Moscow, as well as an 83-meter apartment on Bolsheokhtinsky Prospekt in St. Petersburg.

In addition, the head of the Russian Orthodox Church does not fly regular planes and uses business aviation services on all his trips, for example, the $43 million Gulfstream G450 jet. Also in the balance sheet of the Russian Orthodox Church there is a yacht luxury class “Pallada” worth at least $4 million, which serves the river cruises of the primate himself and the high-ranking guests he receives on Valaam.

A few years ago, The Bell wrote that a private residence for Cyril, worth 2.8 billion rubles, is being built near St. Petersburg.

Russians also remember the affair with the Breguet watch for 30,000. euro, which was seen on the hand of the patriarch during a visit to Ukraine in 2009. To hide the addiction of the head of the Russian Orthodox Church to luxury, the photo service of the Russian Orthodox Church covered the clock in the photo, but forgot to erase his reflection on the table.


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