Navalny sent to ShIZO for the 17th time

Politics Alexei Navalny, serving a nine-year sentence in penal colony No. 6 in the Vladimir region, was sent to a penal cell for the seventeenth time. About that informed his lawyer Vadim Kobzev.

According to him, the reason was that the oppositionist “improperly introduced himself.” Navalny will stay at ShIZO for 13 days, until August 4. On that day, he is due to be convicted in an “extremist case”.

Politics is accused under six articles of the Criminal Code: on incitement to extremism, the creation of a non-profit organization that violates the rights of citizens, the financing of extremism, the creation of an extremist community, the participation of minors in dangerous acts, and the rehabilitation of Nazism. The day before, the prosecutor’s office asked the court to sentence the oppositionist to 20 years in a special regime colony.

The Russian authorities consider the Anti-Corruption Foundation established by Navalny to be an “extremist community” that is investigating the illegal enrichment of officials.

The politician has been staying in IK-6 since February 2021. He had spent most of his time at the ShIZO in the last ten months. “For me, the iron rule of prisons, which was sacredly observed both in the USSR and in Russia, has been abolished: after the “tag” in ShIZO, the convict must be “lifted” to the zone for at least a day before the next “tag” is issued, Navalny said.

The reasons for placing an oppositionist in the SzIZO in the past were “an unbuttoned”, “premature washing”, “hands not removed from the back” and a refusal to paint the fence. The last time he was placed in solitary confinement was May 22. In total, he spent almost 200 days there.

A new terrorism case was opened against Navalny in April and he now faces a life sentence. The case will be handled by a military court.

The day before, the EU imposed sanctions on Navalny’s guards. The head of IK-6 in the Vladimir region, Dmitry Nozhkin, and four of his deputies: Yuri Fomin, Danila Siniuchin, Anatoly Gorshkov and Dmitry Makorin were placed under restrictions. The list also includes colony officer Mikhail Neimovich, who tracks the oppositionist and prepares reports on him, then puts him in a penal cell.

In January 2021, after being poisoned by a group of Novichoks, Navalny returned from Germany to Russia, where he underwent rehabilitation. He was detained during passport control at Sheremetyevo Airport. The court sentenced the politician to 9 years in prison for fraud, which he allegedly dealt with collecting donations for the 2018 presidential campaign.


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