NATO plans to deploy 300,000 troops on the border with Russia

NATO plans to further strengthen the grouping of troops on the border with Russia, writes Politico. According to the publication, the Alliance is discussing the possibility of transferring up to 300,000 to the east. soldiers.

Therefore, NATO hopes to contain the possible spread of hostilities beyond Ukraine.

The Alliance’s first echelon of 100,000 troops is ready for deployment within ten days. Military personnel from Poland, Norway, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania may be appointed to it, said Heinrich Braus, former NATO deputy secretary general for defense policy and force planning. The grouping may also include active allied combat groups on the eastern flank.

The second tier will support the first and should be ready for deployment in 10-30 days. It will call in military personnel from countries like Germany.

The block plan will require significant coordination and effort on the part of individual participants, notes Politico. NATO will have to convince Allies to provide military personnel as well as expensive weapons, equipment and ammunition.

At the same time, many member states of the alliance are already concerned about the insufficient amount of their own ammunition. Two-thirds of NATO countries have exhausted their supplies weapons and military equipment that can be transported to Ukraine, wrote The New York Times.

NATO has already started work plan for the bloc’s participation in a full-scale war. In mid-February, the defense ministers of the alliance countries prepared a political guide, in which they noted the requirements for the allies in terms of preparation for potential military conflicts in the future.reported Bloomberg.

This guide was intended to cover situations that require bloc members to be involved in a “high-intensity conflict” at the same time, where allies will need to protect each other.

On the anniversary of the war in Ukraine, US President Joe Biden gave a speech in Warsaw in which he warned Russia against attacking the countries of the alliance.

“Let there be no doubt: US commitment to NATO allies is solid as a rock. The whole world knows it, Russia knows it too. Attack on one [члена альянса] is an attack on everyone. It is a sacred oath that we will protect every inch of NATO territory,” Biden said.


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