Muscovites rushed for Kyrgyz passports

Massive residents of Moscow get Kyrgyz passports. Only one presidential decree from 2022 on accepting citizenship of the republic covered about fifty Muscovites.

In particular, Dmitry Zelenin, the full namesake of the former governor of Tver Oblast, received a Kyrgyz passport. His year and place of birth also match Zelenin’s, said Ilya Shumanov, director of Transparency International Russia.

In addition, among those who received citizenship of the neighboring republic was the full namesake of Natalia Barshevskaya, daughter Mikhail Barszczewski, plenipotentiary of the government of the Russian Federation in the highest court instances. Her year of birth matches the date on the document.

Kyrgyz cityCitizenship was given to the probable sons of the businessman, the owner of the Fragrant World Valery Zadorin – Alexander and Mikhail. Zadorin himself was born in Bishkek. The LAWSTONE telegram channel took notice.

The Kyrgyz passport also received a full namesake Anton Shkurenko – WITHfounder of the Bitzlato cryptocurrency exchange. In February, he was arrested in Moscow at the request of, among others, French investigators, wrote Baz. Shkurenko are suspected of extortion by a group of individuals, “theft of data and access to an automated data processing system”, as well as money laundering.

Most Russians receive a Kyrgyz passport along with their wives and children. Former metropolitan financier Mikhail Zhuhovitsky said on Facebook that he has a pleasant circle of friends in Kyrgyzstan – “the local financial elite.” According to Żuchowicki, he helped about 10 of his Russian friends obtain Kyrgyz passports.

Kyrgyzstan does not officially recognize dual citizenship. Kyrgyz people can only have two passports authorities don’t know on the identity document of the other country.

Total in 2022 citizenship Nearly 2,000 people have been admitted to Kyrgyzstan, MK.RU Kyrgyzstan wrote. In November last year, the country’s parliament proposed the introduction of a “golden passport” program – issuing citizenship for investment. In response to this, the deputy minister digital development Aidarbek Mambetkadyrov said a similar bill is already being drafted, reported.

Last summer Kyrgyzstan has simplified the conditions of movement and work for IT specialists from Russia and other CIS countries. They were given the opportunity to become “Digital nomads” to stay in the country without registration or work permits. Close relatives of IT specialists could also obtain permission to enter and stay in Kyrgyzstan.


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