Muscovites began to be intimidated by Wagner fighters released from prisons

Unknown people began to call Muscovites and warn them about former defectors from the Wagner PMC who had returned from the war. The callers identify themselves as police officers and offer advice to keep children off the streets.

about it first Told On Twitter, former State Duma deputy and former FSB colonel Gennady Gudkov. According to him, a “chief” of the metropolitan police advised him not to let children out into the streets, as they could be attacked by prisoners of the Wagner PMC, who had been released for participating in hostilities with Ukraine. .

“A man called me, introduced himself as Major S. (there is a phone number) and said that Wagner’s fighters had returned to Moscow, heck. Previously involved in dangerous crimes, including against children … own children Look at, ”wrote Gudkov.

Other Muscovites received similar calls. People are being called through instant messengers, pretending to be “police officers,” writes the Baja Telegram channel. In addition to the recommendation not to let children out alone, callers are reassuring Moscow residents that the city is now under curfew. They also tell their friends to tell about it.

According to Baza, Muscovites have already written dozens of complaints against “Major Solovyov”, who intimidated them with the released Wagner fighters. The publication attempted to contact the caller, but all the phone numbers used by him are not registered or available on the network. The caller may have used a number spoofing program.

In January, pro-Russian media and Telegram channels began reporting on the first prisoners returning from the war in Ukraine who took part in hostilities as part of the Wagner PMC. All of them were forgiven. On January 17, the press service of the owner of Wagner PMC, Yevgeny Prigozhin, posted a video with the fourth group of former prisoners of war who had returned. It was reported that he used to work on a six-month contract.

So people who were sentenced to prison for brutal murders, robbery, dacoity and other serious crimes were released. One of the released Wagnerites, Dmitry Karyagin, killed his grandmother with a hammer, the agency wrote. Stanislav Bogdanov got freedom 11 years ago scored runs Judge’s hammer. He was sentenced to 23 years in prison. Another prisoner who “deserves” to be released is a former member of a criminal gang, Anton Ionov. He, along with other members of the group, tortured the victims with boiling water, wrote the Rotunda Telegram channel.

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