Mobilized from Yaroslavl recorded an appeal to Putin and spoke about the chaos at the front

Mobilized from the Yaroslavl region, who were promised service in the defense, were sent with some machine guns under the tanks and mortars of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. This was stated in a video message quoted by the Pro City publication by the reservists themselves, who transmitted the video through their wives and mothers.

“We were given an order by the company commander to retreat from our positions, as we were fired upon by tanks and mortars. In turn, the command did not cover us and did not give us any support. We had only machine guns, and all other weapons were damaged, ”the appeal says.

After the retreat, the mobilized were going to be accused of desertion: the company commander says that he did not give the order. They want to send them to different military units so that they cannot fight for their rights.

“We were told from the very beginning that we would be in the defense, starting from the very military registration and enlistment office where we were called up – in the Yaroslavl region, but we were deceived,” the video says.

The wives and mothers of the reservists are going to appeal to the chairman of the Investigative Committee Alexander Bastrykin, military prosecutor Valery Petrov and President Vladimir Putin. They require the normal equipment of the mobilized and the dispatch of only professional military personnel to hot spots.

Relatives of the reservists admit that volunteer help does not reach the men who are in Ukraine. Almost all of their salary is spent on equipment, and part of the ammunition has to be collected by their relatives.

Earlier, a similar video message about the plight at the front was recorded by mobilized from the Novosibirsk region. According to them, command was going to send them to the front line of the war in Ukraine, from where they return “either load 200 or load 300″. Reservists on the front line are under mortar fire, fires are not allowed on the front line, there is no hot food, there is ice in the trenches.


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