Mobilized camp burned down near Orenburg

On the morning of January 9, in the training unit near Orenburg, a tent camp of mobilized people caught fire. One of the conscripts blamed drunken officers for the fire, 7×7 reports.

Part is located in the village of Nizhnyaya Pavlovka. The fire engine on duty there turned out to be “without pressure,” the mobilized man said. Therefore, the military had to wait for firefighters from the city.

The fire burned down the tents of those mobilized from the Samara region. The father of one of them said that his son was not inside: he was returning to his unit from vacation. His family assumes that all the things that were bought for him before and after the shipment burned down.

“Everything burned down, he jumped out in his shoes [из палатки], in socks boy. While the second [пожарная машина] arrived, it’s already burning down [палатка]”, — said the eyewitness of the fire in the video.

This is not the first fire in the tent camp of the mobilized. On January 4, a tent camp caught fire in Cheryomushki, Omsk Region. The video from there was published by the Tomsk mobilized. According to them, three tents and their personal belongings burned down. The governor of the Omsk region, Alexander Burkov, said there were no casualties.

Later, the head of the region named a possible cause of the fire. According to him, the tents could catch fire from a spark from a stove that heated one of them. The servicemen had their passports and military IDs restored, as well as given new clothes and uniforms to replace those burned out, the governor said.

Death toll on the rise in recent weeks Russians at collection points for the mobilized, counted the BBC Russian Service and Mediazona. According to them, at least 39 mobilized died in Russia.

Over the past two weeks, three cases of death in training centers mobilized in Russia are known, journalists estimated. Most often, the cause of death of conscripts in units is heart problems, due to accidents or due to alcohol abuse.

The publications rely on confirmed reports of deaths, so the data does not reflect the real level of losses of the Russian army. On January 6, they managed to confirm the death of 11,009 soldiers and officers. Of these, 539 people are mobilized.


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