Medvedev demanded to confiscate property from businesses due to gasification failures

The state should seize the property of private gas distribution organizations that sabotage the gasification program. This was stated by Deputy Chairman of the Security Council Dmitry Medvedev at a meeting on the implementation of United Russia’s initiatives for the social gasification of regions, Interfax reports.

The ex-president complained about the work of private GROs, which “seemed to have done something, but now they exaggerate their merits, and it turns out that everything they did – their networks, their equipment – is just golden.” The Governor of the Stavropol Territory, Vladimir Vladimirov, proposed introducing administrative fines for them. Medvedev added that such companies should not only be fined, but “final solutions” should be developed for them.

In Russia, there is a single gasification operator – OOO Gazprom gazifikatsiya (a subsidiary of Gazprom, Gazprom Mezhregiongaz). In addition to Gazprom, 13 regional gasification operators and 112 independent gas distribution organizations connect subscribers on behalf of a single operator. These companies often conflict with Gazprom’s subsidiary, which leads to protracted disputes and disrupts the deadlines for supplying gas. According to Medvedev, the property of GROs that are not ready to negotiate with a single operator should be confiscated on the basis of a prosecutor’s act or a court decision if they are not ready.

“Well, how else? Thanks to everyone who participated in this process, but you either agree, or then do not interfere with the process, ”Medvedev said.

The social gasification program has been operating in Russia since 2021. It assumes that the level of regional gasification will increase from 71% in 2020 to 82.9% by 2030.


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