Lukashenko complained to Putin about “tightening” the Wagnerians

President Belarus Alexander Lukashenko at a meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin in St. Petersburg, he said that the mercenaries of Wagner’s PMC, who came to the country after the June mutiny, began to “overtire” him. He said that some of them expressed a desire to go towards Poland, reports Interfax.

“Maybe I shouldn’t have said it, but I will.” The “Wagnerites” began to torment us: “I want to go west. Let us.” I ask, why are you going west? “Then go on a trip to Warsaw, to Rzeszów,” Lukashenko said during the meeting.

The President of Belarus also explained that currently, according to the agreements, the “Wagnerians” are in the center of the country and he does not want to move them across the western border, citing their “bad mood”.

“Therefore, we will oppose it with all possible means, and I am asking you to look into this matter in your own country as well,” concluded the Belarusian president.

During the meeting with Putin, Lukashenko presented a map which, in his opinion, shows the redeployment of Polish armed forces to the borders of the Union State. According to him, one of the Polish brigades is only 40 km from Brest, and the other about 100 km from Grodno. The president of Belarus claims that the main strategic reserves are imported here and considers such a policy to be “mindless”, bringing nothing good.

The final plans of Western countries, Lukashenka is sure, is the transfer of Western Ukraine to Poland: “They want to cut off Western Ukraine and join it to Poland. This is payment for the active participation of Poles in this operation against the troops of the Russian Federation. Americans support it.”

After the PMC Wagner rebellion, the founder of the company, Yevgeny Prigozhin, decided to “go” to Belarus. The country’s Ministry of Defense announced the arrival of the mercenaries on July 14. It was reported that these fighters will be involved in training activities in the Mogilev region as instructors. Joint exercises with the Wagner PMC near the Polish border were also announced. One of the members of the “council of commanders” of the Polish Military Contingent said that up to 10,000 will come to Belarus in total. mercenaries.


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