Lukashenko announced the start of the transfer of Russian nuclear weapons to Belarus

Russia has started delivering non-strategic nuclear weapons to the territory of Belarus, said the President of the Republic Alexander Lukashenko on Channel One.

“We had to prepare storage areas and so on. We did that, so the nuclear weapons movement has already started,” he said.

Whether the weapons reached Belarus, Lukashenka was difficult to say. He also appealed not to worry about the safety of these missiles. He was asked this question, pointing to the risk of saboteurs entering the republic. “About the castle [на границе] Don’t worry. You know we are punctual, neat, masterful as you say. So don’t worry about nuclear weapons, we are responsible for that,” Lukashenko said.

On March 25, Russian President Vladimir Putin announced his intention to deploy tactical nuclear weapons in Belarus. The construction of a special warehouse for such missiles was to be completed on July 1. According to Putin, the decision was made a response to the supply of depleted uranium missiles to Ukraine because it is “anyway related to nuclear technology.”

He also announced the transfer to Minsk of the Iskander complex, which can be a carrier of nuclear weapons, and the re-arming of 10 planes of the Belarusian Air Force with special ammunition.

Lukashenko then said that Belarus would defend itself nuclear weapons received from Russia from a possible attack on Poland. Despite Putin’s emphasis that the missiles are not transferred to the republic, but only placed on its territory, Lukashenko called them his own.

“And there is no need to say: here they will only stop it, it is not our weapon. This is our weapon that will promote sovereignty and independence,” he said.

Lukashenko also added that Belarus was “forced to return” nuclear weapons to its territory due to the fact that the guarantees of their withdrawal in the 1990s were “trampled on” and “violated”.

Putin’s decision to deploy nuclear weapons in Belarus was met with dissatisfaction in both the West and China. He also spoke about this on May 25 President of Kazakhstan Kassym-Jomart Tokayev, who spoke about the “phenomenon” of the Union State of Russia and Belarus with nuclear weapons “one for two” and criticized the situation in the Eurasian Economic Union.


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