Lithuania has blocked the delivery of parcels to Russia

The Lithuanian state post office Lietuvos pastas has stopped sending parcels and parcels to Russia. According to the company’s website, the exception was only for letters and postcards.

The decision was dictated by EU sanctions. Latvian Post has set new requirements as parcels from Lithuania to Russia pass through it. Now, in order to send items, you need to provide additional information about their category.

Lithuanian Post does not yet know how to send such data, so it cannot meet this requirement, but is looking for a solution to the problem. They could not prepare for the changes in advance because of the transitional period has not been established.

Latvian Post has not officially announced the innovations, but has recently started to require senders to provide the most detailed list of contents for shipments to Russia. Besides, in In February 2023, it suspended the clearance of shipments from Russia and Belarus due to the fact that EU sanctions prohibit the transport of many consumer goods to these countries. The company explained that there is no way to check every shipment during customs clearance.

After the start of the war in Ukraine, in March 2022, Lithuanian Post stopped sending commercial parcels to Russia, as well as all money orders. A similar procedure has been established for Belarus. At the same time, the Latvian Post refused to deliver newspapers and magazines from these countries, and also banned money transfers.


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