Large enterprises of the Moscow region were ordered to recruit workers for the war

The authorities of the Moscow region are forcing local entrepreneurs to agitate workers to volunteer for the war with Ukraine. Officials have been instructed to carry out appropriate instructions with the heads of large enterprises, writes Baza.

Meetings of officials of the Moscow region with the company’s management are called “mobilization” meetings. Business representatives are told by the authorities that companies must put up stands advertising the army and invite their employees, including foreign specialists, to serve.

In early May, Fontanka wrote that similar meetings with business were organized by the St. Petersburg authorities. One of the meetings took place on May 4, which was attended by the head of the district, Viktor Polunin, and the military commissar, Alexander Bazimov. The latter said that the order to popularize contract services in enterprises was issued by the city governor, Alexander Beglov. He “lowered” the local administration’s “targets” for frontline recruitment. Now the Ministry of Defense is demanding the recruitment of one and a half times more contract soldiers than during the mobilization, repeated the words of Bekhlov Bazimov.

“Those companies that are here that will meet us halfway, I am asking each company to convince five people for the contract. <...> The task that the governor has set for us will still have to be fulfilled, ”said the military commissar.

Brochures with information on the terms and conditions of providing services under the contract, including salaries and other payments, were distributed to representatives of the companies.

So far, Russian authorities have refused to mobilize and hope to attract volunteers to the front, Bloomberg wrote in March. According to the agency, the Kremlin demanded that the Ministry of National Defense bring 400,000 contract troops and issued the appropriate orders to the regions. Later, the Washington Post, citing Pentagon documents, reported that the Russian authorities planned to recruit 415,000 by the end of the year. volunteers. Of these, 115,000 will be immediately sent to the front, and the remaining 300,000 will remain in reserve.


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