Kazakh ERG slightly increased alumina production at 22g

ALMA-ATA, March 15 (Reuters) – Kazakh mining company Eurasian Resources Group (ERG) saw a slight increase in alumina production in 2022 and reduced production of primary aluminum, the company said on Wednesday.

Aluminum from Kazakhstan, which is part of the ERG, produced 1.338 million tons of alumina in 2022 compared to 1.315 million tons in 2021.

The smelter in Kazakhstan, which is also part of the ERG, produced 249,000. tonnes of primary aluminum in 2022, compared to 262.3 thousand. tonnes in 2021

The company’s ferroalloy plants produced 1.707 million tons of ferroalloys in 2022, up from 1.686 million tons a year earlier.

In 2014, ERG merged the assets of the Eurasian National Resources Corporation (ENRC), a struggling industrial resource mining holding company in Kazakhstan and Africa, after its stock collapsed amid corruption investigations, conflict in the board of directors, and falling commodity prices.

ERG is registered in Luxembourg and associates ferroalloy, iron ore, aluminum, coal, manufacturing, transport and logistics companies in Kazakhstan. In addition, the company has copper and cobalt assets in Africa and iron mines in Brazil. (Maria Gordeeva)


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