“It’s the 90s at top speed.” Raids and lawlessness prevailed in the Russian-occupied territories of Ukraine

According to Russian military correspondents and Z-public, despite the fact that a year has passed since the seizure of part of Ukraine by Russian troops, local authorities have failed to restore law and order.

Following the local residents, a group of military correspondents led by Roman Saponkov, the correspondent of Komsomolska Pravda, became a victim of raids and lawlessness in the Kherson region.

According to Saponkov himself, the local police took three minibuses from his group. The incident happened on March 6. “Documents regarding the seizure have not been released. They said that if the drivers wait for the documents, they will be punished indefinitely. complain Saponkov. The official representative of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia Irina Volk admitted to the incident and reportedthat the section with the stopping of cars is checked.

“According to its results, the actions of the police will be subject to an objective legal review. The progress of the audit is under the control of Glavka management, ”said Volk. She also appealed not to disseminate unverified information and wait for the outcome of the investigation.

However, military correspondents already admit that the situation in the occupied territories of Ukraine resembles the bloody chaos of the first years of post-Soviet Russia.

Public author Romanov Lite informsthat “the legal situation in the new territories is comparable to the gray economy. In essence – at top speed, it’s the 90s. From trivial spin-offs to quite large rallies.” He notes that “there is no one to choose from”, freshly minted officials go there “to fish in troubled waters”, so there is nothing to talk about the fate of the budget money poured in.

The information is also confirmed by the contractor who runs Z-public called “Ossetian”. Him too I’m writing about mass confiscation of factories by officials and unprofitable prices “for civilians” in shops and pharmacies in the Kherson region – medicines are five times more expensive than in Russia.


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