In the suburbs, a man tried to take a security officer hostage

An armed man tried to take a security officer and two bodyguards hostage in the elite village of Sherwood near Moscow. According to RBC, the hostages managed to escape, no one was hurt.

On the morning of July 22, an alarm went off in one of the houses in the village. A police officer and two security personnel arrived at the scene. According to information received from a source in the Interior Ministry, officers entered the house through an open window and found a man with a machine gun in a helmet and a bulletproof vest. He pointed the gun at the security forces and locked them in a room on the second floor.

The Investigative Committee initiated criminal proceedings under Art. 317 and 318 of the Penal Code, related to the threat of violence and interference in the lives of law enforcement officers.

According to TASS, the man who arranged the incident was intoxicated. Mash notes that his name is Vyacheslav Chernenko and he is 36 years old. According to the telegram channel, Baz shouted that he had been sent to break into a private house and that a higher power was behind him. He also stated that he had recently returned from the war in Ukraine.

The head of the district of the city of Istra Tatiana Vitusheva in her telegram channel noted that the man is mentally ill and came from Siberia in the Moscow region

An armed man was locked in the house. Telegram channel 112 reports that the security forces are planning to engage special forces to start the detention operation. Shots are heard from time to time, which makes the situation extremely tense and requires the attention of the police and local residents. The authorities are taking all necessary measures to ensure the safety and prevent the man from being endangered further.


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