In the Stavropol region introduced corporal punishment for schoolchildren

An employee of the cadet school named after General Yermolov in Stavropol beat a 12-year-old student with a whip. This was told by the boy’s father, Denis Serba, to Pobeda 26. He published a photo of his son’s back and said that he immediately went to the director to sort it out.

However, as it turned out, in this school, corporal punishment is considered an integral part of the educational process. Serba admitted that when enrolling in the contract, the possibility of using a whip for misconduct was spelled out. “I really thought that this could happen as a last resort,” he said.

In parental chats, the man was told about similar incidents, but one of the mothers sided with the teacher. The director promisedthat “this will not happen again.” Serba and his wife did not apply to any authorities. And on January 19 he lay outl video, in which he completely justified the beating of his child, noting that the teacher simply “couldn’t cope with his emotions.”

Despite this, the regional prosecutor’s office began an audit, and the Stavropol Education Committee announced the dismissal of the teacher. It turned out to be 39-year-old officer Yevgeny Shmakov – he taught life safety at the cadet school. The deputy head of educational work was also fired. The director was reprimanded.

Shmakov himself said that the student he had beaten “brought the seriously ill teacher to tears and fainting”, after which he received a reprimand, but the blow occurred by accident. “At the time of the conversation, I had a whip in my hand, folded in half. Expressing my dissatisfaction and indignation at what was going on in the classroom, I periodically tapped on the tabletops of the desks of zealous violators of discipline. At some point, the free end of the whip slipped out of his hand and involuntarily whipped on the back of one of the students, he assured.

Based on the results of the check, a criminal case was initiated on failure to fulfill the duties of raising a minor (Article 156). Responded to the incidentGovernor of Stavropol Vladimir Vladimirov. He confirmedthat the boy was hit with a whip and called it unacceptable. “Whoever uses such methods will definitely not work in our education system,” Vladimirov emphasized, adding that the authorized bodies will inspect all regional institutions of this type. A similar position was taken by the mayor of Stavropol Ivan Ulyanchenko.


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