In the Kursk region, it was demanded to ban foreign music

More than 30 participants in the hostilities turned to Vladimir Firsov, Ombudsman of the Kursk region, with a demand to stop broadcasting foreign music in public places. As Kommersant writes, citing the Ombudsman, the military was outraged by the use of music “from unfriendly countries sponsoring Nazism” in these places on Victory Day.

According to the demands of veterans, special attention should be paid to stopping the broadcasting of American and Western European songs in the main shopping centers of Kursk, such as Europa, Manezh, MegaGrinn, Olimpiyskiy and the Central Department Store. In addition, they also asked to stop using such music in the open spaces of the Seahorse and Old Tbilisi restaurants.

Vladimir Firsov, sharing the opinion of veterans, calls on industry committees and ministries of Kursk and Kursk region to think not only about music in public places, but also about the list of films shown in cinemas. The spokesman believes that at the moment “in this difficult time” it is important to start the screening of the Soviet picture “Russian Field”, shot in 1971. “At the same time, the inhabitants of the Kursk region would most likely go to the screening of this film and take part in a discussion about its content, even though everyone at home has computers with the Internet,” Firsov believes.

This is not the first time Firsov has advocated banning the use of foreign music in public places. He emphasizes that this is not about the classical musical output of Bach, Beethoven, Strauss and other famous composers, but about rejecting the “blind, slavish, stupid imitation of Western culture”. The Ombudsman addressed the authorities with a new proposal, calling the case “extremely important” for the protection of the traditional spiritual and moral values, culture and historical memory of the population.


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