In Nalchik, a serviceman was given a year in prison for a week-long departure to his relatives for mobilization

Nalchik Garrison Military Court appointed one year in a colony-settlement for contract serviceman Umar Sautiev, who went to visit his relatives for 8 days during the mobilization period. He was found guilty of arbitrarily leaving a unit (article 337 of the Criminal Code).

According to the case file, Sautiev has been serving in the military since May 2022. A week after the announcement of mobilization, On September 28, he “arbitrarily” left for his place of residence “without good reason”, “because he wanted to relax and spend time with his family.” On October 6, the military returned back and began to perform his duties.

The court noted that Sautiev “realized the unlawfulness of his act, spoke truthfully about it and expressed regret.” Also taken into account were his positive characteristics at the place of service, the fact that he was brought up in a large family, and the living conditions of his relatives, including the need for regular assistance to a mother with a disability.

Despite this, the court concluded that the military man’s act had no valid reasons and was not caused by “a combination of difficult circumstances.” They also noted that in August Sautiev was convicted of violation of the statutory rules (Article 335 of the Criminal Code) and had to spend 9 months in a disciplinary military unit, but did not serve the sentence. “Taking into account the degree of public danger of the committed crime and the identity of the perpetrator, the court considers it impossible to correct Sautiev without actually serving the sentence, ”the decision says.

On the same day, December 21, the Nalchik garrison military court issued another verdict in a similar case. Serviceman Tarkhan Malsagov received a year and three months in prison in the case of unauthorized abandonment of the unit for 13 days during the period of mobilization.

According to the case file, on September 28, Malsagov“for the purpose of temporarily evading” service, “Without good reason, he left the military unit on his own” and went to his relatives “to rest and spend time at his own discretion.” On October 11, he voluntarily returned to the unit and “declared himself, since he had no intention of completely evading military service.”

At the meeting, Malsagov admitted his guilt and repented. The text of the court decision practically coincides with the case of Sautiev. A mitigating circumstance was the help that Malsagov, who was born in a large family, regularly provides relatives. But the court nevertheless considered that the military man “committed a serious crime against military service”, which testifies to the “defendant’s feeling of permissiveness and impunity”. It was also taken into account that in August Malsagov was assigned six months of detention in a disciplinary military unit in the case of violation of the statutory rules. The total punishment was 1.5 years in a general regime colony.

By data court website, since February 2022, there have been 20 sentences under Article 337 of the Criminal Code. President Vladimir Putin toughened the punishment for it in September.


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