In Irkutsk, academics demanded “tithes” for the war with Ukraine

Employees of the Irkutsk State Research Polytechnic are forced to “voluntarily” donate part of their earnings to the war in Ukraine.

Management ordered employees to sign statements asking them to withhold 3,000 rubles. from the salary for the needs of the “special operation”, writes a telegram of the channel “Attention, news”, citing one of the teachers. At the same time, the average salary in the institution is 35 thousand rubles. In this way, the workers are actually forced to give up one-tenth of their wages to the war.

All those who signed a “voluntary” agreement to finance military operations are noted by the management in a separate document. At the same time, the management demanded that the fact of collecting “voluntary donations” not be disclosed.

According to one of the teachers, the team is afraid of possible reprisals, which is why all employees decided to give away part of their earnings. And one of the teachers was forced to sign several affidavits because he has an internal part-time job.

Earlier it was reported that employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in the Moscow region are “advised” to transfer 10,000 each. rubles. to help the troops fighting in Ukraine. The money spent by the police was to be compensated in the near future in the form of bonuses. “For those who refused, there was nothing for it yet. They just didn’t turn on, and that’s it: someone looks askance at them, and someone is jealous, ”said a law enforcement source.

They were also forced to give money for the war to employees of Yekaterinburg’s tax inspectorates. “The salary is already budgetary, as well as permanent mandatory extortion for a special operation. We don’t see any regulatory documents. They just say to convey – and that’s it. And if earlier – how much they can, now the amount is specific. How is it legal? We don’t even have evidence that the money is actually going to help. We give it in cash to the head of the department, ”said the tax official.

They collected money to help soldiers wounded in the war and from Gazprom workers in Yakutia, explaining that local hospitals and hospitals were “catastrophically short of medicine.” “It is necessary to transfer at least 1,000 rubles to this phone number. After transferring funds to the same WhatsApp number, you must send the last 4 digits and your name, ”said the WhatsApp mailing.


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