In fitness centers, they began to engage in “cannibalism” due to the lack of simulators

Experts from the National Fitness Community (NFS) conducted a study of the fitness equipment market in Russia and found that in the first quarter of 2023, fitness equipment worth about USD 14.2 million was imported into Russia, which is almost 40% less than in January-March last year. According to a study by the NSF, currently about 60% of Russian fitness company operators have difficulties with service maintenance of existing Western exercise equipment, writes Forbes.

For a year, fitness club operators have not been able to fully develop new supply channels and have been committing “fitness cannibalism” – they use components from out of order equipment.

“In the halls there is equipment from America and Italy, which is practically not delivered now. Coaches are reliable, but failures happen. Of course, you can try to order some parts, but delivery will take a long time and cost too much. In part, you have to use “cannibalism” or bribe used exercise equipment in those clubs that have gone bankrupt, ”confirms the observations of the NFS, the owner of the Cold’s fitness chain, Sergey Kuznetsov.

The NSF notes that the share of Russian sports equipment in fitness clubs before the sanctions was only 10%. “About 300 Russian manufacturing companies mainly specialize in power equipment,” notes Silina. According to her, manufacturers in Russia are ready to replace imported simulators and transfer production to Russia, but they need investments and subsidies.

China and Taiwan are among the leaders among countries importing sports equipment, currently accounting for up to 90% of imports. The production of professional equipment in China and Taiwan is cheaper than analogues from Europe and the USA. So, exercise bikes from Europe and America, identical in power and characteristics, cost clubs 500,000 rubles each, while Chinese and Taiwanese ones cost 150,000 rubles and 250,000-300,000 rubles, respectively. The same is true with treadmills: American simulators cost from 2 million rubles, analogues from China – 700,000 rubles, from Taiwan – 1 million rubles.


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