How “Cancellation Culture” Works in Russia

The idea of ​​patriotism knows no rest, it tirelessly generates new ideas: in the socialist competition of negative ideas one should not lag behind like-minded people. The more you propose sanctions, the more you love Russia.

This is a competition for the right to be the leader of the party meeting, although here the experienced speaker of the State Duma Vyacheslav Volodin will not give up. he actually put forth a plan the other day confiscate property “From scoundrels who have gone and pour filth on the country.”

The leadership, of course, belongs to Volodin, but you can compete for second or third place.

Here Deputy Dmitry Gusev suggested, for example, indicate in credits The fact of “betrayal” of the actors. Upon hearing this, St. Petersburg deputy Sergei Soloviev jumped ahead of Gusev, about whom practically nothing is heard, but here he took away his five minutes of fame: come on, they say, it’s better than usual Is cut scenes from movies With the participation of “actors-traitors”. After public comment, of course. Apparently, in order not to answer himself, if anything, if the thought does not come.

Elena Drapeko joined the brainstorming session with her valuable suggestion: nothing needs to be cut from the already shot films, but such actors are needed do not invite again In films made at public expense.

Cut off from any funding in the country – this is the head of the State Duma Committee on Culture Elena Yampolskaya hurry up with your contribution in discussion. No, not just cut offs, but create a public list, a stop list of people who should not appear on federal sites and participate in state-funded projects, develops ideas Yampolskaya’s aide Ekaterina Stanyakina. “People should know those who betrayed the country,” he said. “This is not censorship, but a logical response to abhorrent, in my opinion, behavior.”

Definitely not censorship. Censorship, after all, was only in ancient times, under the king and under the communists. relic of the past. The Russian constitution literally says: “censorship is prohibited”, but “rational response” is not prohibited. And professional patriots have always treated the budget as their own, as if the opposition was not taxed in the country.

Sergei Solovyov, following Stanyakina, explains: there is no need to compare with the USSR, because the USSR had an ideology, and now we are talking not about ideology, but about traitors. To realize that you need to spend more than a year in the deputy chair and learn how to get through any legislation, here is the most subtle difference.

As one wise man said, according to the constitution, only the state ideology should not be established. Why not national?

However, it is not necessary to wait for “lists” of Stenyakina (as much as she wanted to be called that way). Actor Dmitry Nazarov, for example, for his scathing criticism of the special operation He was fired from the Moscow Art Theater. Chekhov Together with his wife Olga Vasilieva. The theater management said that after a conversation with the artistic director Konstantin Khabensky.

Khabensky himself, it must be said, did not express any opinion on this matter. His statements were always extremely cautious: the situation, he says, is a difficult, psychologically difficult situation, not easy, so let’s do without comments and get down to the performance. In our time, by the way, and this is already a lot. But nevertheless, this year the Moscow Art Theater celebrated its 125th anniversary, the president himself signed a decree on the celebration, that is, the level is state, and people like Nazarov on this holiday are clearly superfluous (well, How would the President himself have brought the greetings?)

A few days before the dismissal, the “Moscow Art Theater case” was personally debunked on the air of Soloviev Live: why is it, they say, that Mr. Khabensky not only keeps Dmitry Nazarov in the troupe, but also see also travel on Does not go to Lugansk? Perhaps the hint was well understood.

It is surprising at first glance that the repeated criticism, indignation and ridicule of the “new morality” and the cancellation of the culture of the West, reproaching the West with the atmosphere of Komsomol meetings and even, while drawing Starting with the rejection of these practices as their own traditional values, Russian officers and loyalists fall into the same “cancel culture”. They want it and cannot do without it. True, they want to cancel on other grounds, but the essence of this does not change. Before us is the same desire to remove from public life everything that violates a certain implemented canon.

We do however have extensive experience of such exclusion: both disgraced political figures were cut from official photographs, and foreign films mercilessly cut, for profanity and especially religion, or excessive, censored, violence. Accordingly, scenes of homosexual relationships were blacked out. Yes, and domestically produced books and films can be “canceled” on the shelf if the author suddenly turns out to be a “traitor”, or remove the name of an actor who left for the West from the credits or cut episodes political Change in atmosphere: Stalin ordered Trotsky removed from the film “Lenin in October”, and then he also removed references to Stalin himself from the films.

In the age of the Internet, such measures would most likely be meaningless: even if something is hacked, the original version will not disappear anywhere and will remain available. Furthermore, Russia still lacked the ideological apparatus that was present in the USSR. But the attempt to forcibly adjust the surrounding space to the needs of the moment is a reflection of any government which claims to be ideologically exclusive and hence fears the slightest draft.

The material was first published in Novy Prospect.

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