“He scolded the cannibals for lack of appetite.” Why Strelkov’s arrest is illegal

Igor Strelkov was detained illegally. As long as he remains in custody on this absurd and obviously politically motivated charge, he is a political prisoner.

Strelkov was previously convicted by a Dutch court in a trial which I believe is in line with the principle of judicial independence. In any case, the fact that the 298 Boeing passengers were killed should be investigated by Russia, and all those responsible should be punished fairly. Strelkov himself does not deny his involvement in the hostilities in Ukraine of uncertain status. All this too should be investigated and given a fair judgment by the court. But now Strelkov is arrested not for a real crime, but for a fictitious and fabricated case of extremism. Simply put, for criticizing the authorities. Specifically, Shoigu and Putin.

Of course, criticism of Strelkov is criticism of the right. He scolded the cannibals for their lack of appetite. And he gave advice on how to eat people better. And how to wage an illegal, aggressive and stupid war. However, regardless of Strelkov’s views, we must stand on the positions of Law and Justice. A person can only be tried for the crime he has committed. To be glad that Strelkov fell victim to his own power is to publicly support lawlessness.


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