Great Britain lifts sanctions against Oleg Tinkov

(This footage was produced in Gdansk for the Reuters news site in Russia, where regulations restrict coverage of the Russian special military operation in Ukraine)

July 20 (Reuters) – The UK lifted sanctions on businessman Oleg Tinkov on Thursday, days after an appeal by British billionaire Richard Branson.

London imposed sanctions on Tinkov, founder of online bank Tinkoff, a month after Russia launched a “military sting operation” in Ukraine last February, calling him a prominent Russian businessman “involved in an area of ​​strategic importance to the Russian government.”

Tinkov challenged the decision, regularly criticizing Moscow’s actions in Ukraine, sold his shares in Tinkoff Bank and renounced his Russian citizenship in October 2022.

The UK Treasury said on Thursday: “The following item has been removed from the consolidated list and is no longer subject to an asset freeze or custodial services sanctions.”

On the same day, the United States placed Tinkoff Bank on its sanctions list.

Tinkov was backed by former oil tycoon Mikhail Khodorkovsky, as well as British Virgin founder Richard Branson.

The Times on Monday quoted Branson as saying: “I firmly believe that Mr Tinkov has been mistakenly placed on the list of Russians subject to sanctions. Although he was a wealthy Russian businessman, he was never an oligarch. I have always known him as a dynamic entrepreneur. That’s why I liked him, I supported him and I still support him.

The UK Foreign Office did not immediately respond to questions about the decision to lift sanctions and whether Branson’s appeal played a role in it.

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