Google, Meta commit to tag AI content – White House

WASHINGTON/NEW YORK, July 21 (Reuters) – Leading AI companies including OpenAI, Alphabet and Meta Platforms have voluntarily pledged to the White House to implement measures such as visual warning labels on AI-generated videos and photos to make technology safer, the Joe Biden administration said in a statement.

The companies, which also include Anthropic, Inflection, and OpenAI partner Microsoft, have pledged to rigorously test systems before release and share information on mitigating risk and investing in cybersecurity.

After generative AI, such as the chatbot ChatGPT, gained massive popularity this year, lawmakers around the world began to consider possible ways to reduce the threats posed by the new technology to national security and the economy.

The original message in English is available at the code: (Diana Bartz in Washington and Krystal Hu in New York)


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