Germany urged to give Navalny access to medical care

The German authorities called for the politician Alexei Navalny, who is in colony No. 6 in Melehovo, to receive “emergency medical care.”

Navalny is in critical condition due to inhuman prison conditions and solitary confinement, a German government spokesman said on Friday (Reuters quote).

This week it became known that Navalny had a fever, a fever and a cough. At the same time, lawyer Alexander Fedulov said that the representative of the colony named medicines that could be brought, but subsequently the drugs were not taken. Prior to this, a prisoner, who was kept together with patients with influenza, was placed in a cell.

In addition, Navalny is regularly placed in a punishment cell (SHIZO) for the slightest violations. On December 31, he was put in the ShIZO for the tenth time because he washed himself at 5:24 instead of 6:00 in the morning and was punished for 15 days. In total, Navalny has spent more than 100 days in the isolation ward. According to him, for every 10 days in the ShIZO he loses an average of 3.5 kg of weight.

After Navalny fell ill, Russian doctors began collecting signatures to appeal to President Vladimir Putin to “stop bullying” Navalny. “We demand to stop sending Aleksey to a ShIZO, we demand that civilian doctors be allowed to see him and, if there is evidence, hospitalize him in a civilian hospital for a full examination and treatment,” said the statement, published by surgeon Alexander Vanyukov.

According to doctors, Navalny’s “conditions of detention and appearance” cause them “tremendous concern”, and “the refusal of representatives of the Federal Penitentiary Service to transfer the necessary medicines creates a direct threat” to his life. By the end of the first day, January 10, about 300 doctors had signed the letter.

After the letter was published, the prison staff began to give Navalny antibiotics and additional boiling water, reported on his Twitter, the politician’s lawyer Vadim Kobzev. According to him, the condition of the oppositionist has ceased to deteriorate.

“The doctors’ open letter clearly had an effect, but so far the classic Fsinovsky one is terribly running and fussing, they measure the temperature under the video recorder, but nothing else happens,” the lawyer wrote.

On January 13, Navalny was visited by the head of Tuberculosis Hospital No. 1, located in IK-3, where Alexei was hospitalized during a hunger strike, Kobzev wrote the next day. “I came and checked. Medicines have not yet been handed over. Feeling the same as yesterday, ”said the lawyer.


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