Gazprombank will stop transfers in dollars due to the closure of correspondent accounts


This material was produced in Russia, where legislation prohibits coverage of the special military operation of the Russian Federation in Ukraine

MOSCOW, Jan 24 (Reuters) – Gazprombank said it would stop transfers in the US currency from Jan 27, 2023, following a unilateral decision by two US correspondent banks to close dollar accounts.

“In connection with the unilateral decision of two US banks JPMorgan Chase Bank and Bank of New York Mellon, the service of correspondent accounts in dollars will be terminated,” the bank said.

“We ask you not to use Gazprombank for transfers in US dollars starting January 27,” the bank said in a statement.

Gazprombank warned that this decision will not affect its work, servicing accounts and deposits in dollars.

“Cross-border transfers in other currencies will continue,” the bank said.

“All obligations to customers are met in full in all currencies, individuals and legal entities have uninterrupted access to their funds and services.” (Elena Factory)

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