Gazelle of the Ministry of Defense shot down three people in Moscow

ministry of defense vehicle with black numbers hit three people on the Leningrad highway north of Moscow, TASS reported, citing law enforcement agencies. one person died, two suffering, he said Moscow State Traffic Inspectorate.

“The accident occurred on Leningradskoe Shosse near house 63B. A car with black number plates belonging to the Ministry of Defense hit three people. As a result of the accident, one person died, two more were injured, the conditions are being specified, ”said a source in the agency.

The State Traffic Inspectorate reported that the driver of the GAZelle car hit pedestrians crossing the road outside the pedestrian crossing. “As a result of his injuries, one person died on the spot. Two more pedestrians have been hospitalized in critical condition, the Telegram channel said in a statement. Version 112 notes that one of the victims is 37-year-old Yuri Kiselev.

He also said that the police had blocked three of the four lanes at the time of the accident. According to the Telegram channel Mash, the accident occurred at the intersection of the highway with Belomorskaya Street. The channel notes that the driver of the Gazelle provided first aid to the victims. Police and paramedics are present at the accident site.

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