Former Yekaterinburg mayor Roizman arrested for 14 days

The court in Yekaterinburg arrested Yevgeny Roizman for 14 days for posting extremist symbols on the social network VKontakte, the It’s My City correspondent from the court reports. The politician himself, who is actually under house arrest for another case, said that he “never in his life” went to VK.

We are talking about the reposting of the video “Why is Putin imprisoning Navalny?”, which was posted on a site called “Evgeny Roizman”. In the video you can see the badge of the Anti-Corruption Foundation.

Roizman’s wife, Yulia Kruteeva, said that in December someone reported the politician for “reposting from Navalny.” According to her, the publication was made in a group that is not related to her husband.

“The problem is that Roizman is not registered with VK. I just never went in my life. The repost was made in the Evgeny Roizman group, with which he has nothing to do and does not know who did it. There are about 20 such groups in VK,” Kruteeva wrote on Facebook.

In August 2022, a court in Yekaterinburg preventively banned Roizman from using means of communication, including the Internet, and from entering public places and events in the event of “discrediting” the Russian army. At that time, the reason for the lawsuit against the politician was his use of the phrases “war in Ukraine” and “invasion of Ukraine” in a video with answers to questions on his YouTube channel.


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