Five people were injured in the shelling of a village in the Belgorod region

In the Belgorod region, the village of Shamino was shelled. Five civilians were injured, Governor Vyacheslav Gladkov said.

According to him, one man received a wound from a fragment of the chest, doctors assess his condition as average. Four others have minor injuries. All of them were transported to the Municipal Hospital No. 2.

The base says that two 34-year-old residents suffered the most: one received multiple shrapnel wounds, the other was hit by a bullet in the kidney. By channel, by Shamino hit by fragmentation shells on the morning of 18 July. Presumably, the shelling was carried out from the Kharkiv area

That’s what Roman Procenko, chief physician of hospital No. 2, said Of the four injured, two were operated on. The third is dynamically monitored, may require surgical treatment. The fourth victim is in stable condition. Fifth received tangential thigh wound, doctors examined him and released him for outpatient treatment.

According to the chief physician, all of them had wounds from mine fragments. One patient after the operation is in the intensive care unit, the others are in specialist wards. The extracted ammunition will be sent for examination, Protsenko added.

In connection with the shelling of the village, the Investigative Committee announced that it would investigate “further crimes committed by the Ukrainian armed forces against the civilian population.” Shamino is located in the Shebekinsky urban district, 6.5 km from the Ukrainian border.

On July 15, a resident of the Belgorod region complained to Gladkov during a live broadcast that residents of Shebekina are being expelled from the temporary accommodation centers they left due to heavy shelling. In response, the voivode stated that now the situation is “completely different” and “it is necessary to return.”

At the same time, he refused to guarantee security, and that in TAP. “Let me remind you that many people died here in Belgorod. And one cannot talk about absolute safety in Belgorod. As we said before, we will invite people to come home. <...> We need to get back to business, we need to revitalize the city. Abandoning home, leaving the city – it seems bad to me, ”said Gladkov.

He also warned that the authorities would not be able to secure the property of those who left and were absent for a long time, because “it is impossible to put a policeman in every apartment.”

The day after Gładkow’s call Shebekino was fired again, resulting in the woman’s death. Her sister said the resident returned to the city a few weeks ago because she thought it was peaceful and was going to visit a sick relative. She was riding her bicycle on the sidewalk when a shrapnel hit her temple.

The Belgorod region has been shelled from the very beginning of the war. From May, the attacks became regular and intense. Most of the “arrivals” are in border towns and villages – Graivoron, Shebekino, Valuyki and Novaya Tavolzhanka.


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