DPR blocks Zoom and Google services

However, in reality, resources have only started to lock up now. As one of the operators reported, subscribers with smartphones, smart TVs and other electronics based on Google’s Android operating system “received a half-brick”. In addition, users can no longer install apps from the Google Play Store.

This was stated by Roskomnadzor knowledge of the order of the DPR authorities to block resources: the department “has no information about the said letter addressed to telecommunications operators operating in the territory of the new regions of Russia.”

In July 2022, the authorities of the Lugansk People’s Republic announced the blocking of Google. gLPR lava Leonid Pasechnik accused the search engine of “a wave of fakes and disinformation” and promised to reconsider the decision as soon as the search engine “improves” and “starts respecting people”.

“Unfortunately, Google becomes the main weapon: the number of counterfeit and extremist materials only grows here, and no fines or court decisions play a role for them. The company conducts targeted propaganda of terrorism and extremism, which means that it simply does not respect its users from the Lugansk People’s Republic,” Pasechnik said. Before Lugansk authorities blocked Facebook and Instagram, as well as Viber.


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