Dozens of flights delayed in Vnukovo due to drone

An unknown drone was spotted in the sky above Moscow’s Vnukovo airport, the Mash telegram channel reported.

The quadcopter flew towards the village of Moskovsky, it flew close to the runway. Airport personnel spotted the drone and reported it to the police, Mash writes. According to the channel, because of this, Vnukov’s management could delay dozens of flights.

After the largest attack of Ukrainian drones in Russian regions, Muscovites began to report massively to the police about drones raised in the sky, writes a telegram of the Baza channel, close to law enforcement agencies.

So, in the Moscow village of Rogovo, local residents twice called the police after finding a drone in the sky. On March 10, the employees of the Ministry of the Interior who came to the call could not find either the drone itself or its operator. Three days later, the villagers spotted the drone again in the sky.

Muscovites saw four drones at once on March 10 near the Planet of the Apes zoo on the Kaluga highway. And two days later, another drone flew in the sky over the village of Krasnopakhorskoye. He was heading for the Tatneft gas station on the Kaluga Highway, but then turned around and flew back.

On March 13, Muscovites discovered two drones: the first over the Voronovskoye settlement, and the second over Borisovsky Ponds in southern Moscow. The latter flew towards Kapotnya, where the Gazprom Neft refinery is located.

Who launched all these drones, the Ministry of the Interior did not determine. However, March 14 Moscow police managed to detain two men who launched a drone near the Kakhovskaya metro station in Zyuzino. The men explained that they were photographing the street at night.

At the end of February, Russia was surrendered the largest drone attack since the beginning of the war in Ukraine, which affected territories hundreds of kilometers from the front line. UAVs of the Armed Forces of Ukraine hit the border regions of the Bryansk and Belgorod regions, as well as the Krasnodar Territory.

An unidentified flying object was also seen near Saint Petersburg. Local authorities were forced to close the airspace over the city and the region within a radius of 200 km. Another drone turned out to be a flying object – wrote Fontanka. Pulkovo Airport stopped receiving and sending flights, and the Ministry of Defense launched two fighters: Su-35 and MiG-31.

Another Ukrainian drone flew over the Moscow region and crashed near Kolomna, about 75 km from the capital. It collapsed near Gazprom’s Voskresensk gas compressor station. The next day, Russian FSB officers found an explosive in it.


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