Czech Net4Gas did not receive payments from a major consignor from Russia

Jan 5 (Reuters) – Czech gas transmission system operator Net4Gas (N4G) has not received the latest monthly contract payments from a major Russian shipper, the company said.

Net4Gas’ earnings from these contracts accounted for three-quarters of its total 2021 revenue, the company said in a filing with the government on Wednesday.

“N4G is currently investigating the reasons for non-payment, which N4G believes constitutes a breach of contract by a major shipper,” it said in a statement.

“N4G emphasizes that it is currently able to cover current operating and financial costs.”

The name of the shipper is not mentioned in the report, and Reuters has not been able to get a comment from the Czech company at this time.

The original message in English is available at the code: (Jason Howet and Jan Lopatka, translated by Tomasz Kanik)


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